“When Bad Things Happen, Something Better Always Returns in its Place…”

I am so happy I called my mother this morning. She didn’t know I was actually feeling very low when I called and what she said to me was exactly what I needed to hear. I will try to keep the above title in mind as my leg heals slowly but surely. I had what was described to be a patella dislocation. I was on the workout machine and all I heard was a pop followed by extreme pain in my leg. When I was able to relax and not panic the pain subsided. I was able to move my gym shorts to the side to see my knee cap pointing out the side of my leg. I was immediately disappointed in myself because I knew I should have been wearing my knee brace. I also should have not tried to workout so hard without adequate rest. I have learned my lesson and plan on heading to the doctor tomorrow. It is extremely disheartening to know I will most likely not be able to go in with my workouts for some months to come but I still have an income so I can’t complain in that aspect.

I have also had moments lately where I miss my father. It is still weird when the house is so quiet and I don’t hear him fumbling around. You really do not realize how much life someone can bring to an environment till they are suddenly no longer around. He really left a mark on my life and I can’t do anything but appreciate his help through it all. I will continue to miss him everyday of my life. The pain never really goes away at least I feel when it comes to losing someone who meant a lot to you like he did to me. I have just learned to deal with the pain the best way I can by moving forward and being a productive member of society.


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