Out of the Woodworks


The semester has gotten hectic so I’ve been focusing on getting this GPA up. Life has been so great to me as of late. I went to visit the NY Court of Appeals in Albany, NY along with my law program a couple weeks back. It was a very eye opening experience as to why I would like to pursue my law degree in the first place. The lack of the black community represented in this court was so disappointing considering the amount of “minorities” that graduate from law school year to year. There were ZERO African American lawyers and only one judge who is injured at the moment who was unable to be present but was able to watch online from a camera which streams their cases online. I am not sure what law school to go to but I know for a fact that I will infiltrate this market and represent African Americans the way we deserve to be seen.

Now into the nitty gritty of things…I have been having a very active sex life as of late. I am in a relationship with a fine young female who has blown my mind. One of the weekends we spent together we went at it off and on for about 12 hours and let me tell you this Scorpio right here…“I’m on fire!” Our sex is phenomenal. We make eye contact and I can feel the heat between us. It can be so intense you would’ve thought that I’ve never gotten a taste of some good good. We are both in shock at how great our bond is but this can all be attributed to our spiritual connection as well. There have been so many things that have been in sync in our lives you would think this was all a fairy tale.

On the other hand I really want to get my bottom surgery done. I think about daily how much easier it will be for me to do simple things men take for granted like using the urinal for instance. I go into the men’s bathroom daily with the fear of peeing on myself, the packer falling out of my pants or just plain being seen emptying out the excess pee to avoid back flow on myself. I am grateful with the opportunity to have someone to be intimate with so I’m not going to complain on that front. I just feel very dysphoric about my lack of a penis in between my legs. Everytime I have to stop and go into my closet for my strap on I feel some type of way. I am very blessed that I can get off with the use of my strap on alone due to the place of my genitals and the sensitivity that I have. Your mind is your biggest sex organ which has been in my favor. I get very worked up with my woman so it’s pretty easy to get where I need to be. I’m at a loss for words with how life is coming together but hey it could be worse. I’ll update more as the semester ends.

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