“If I told you I’m good probably you will say I’m boasting, but if I tell you I’m no good, you’d know I’m lying” – Bruce Lee



It is a word that has appealed to me since first hearing it in grade school but I had no idea what it meant. I grew up with ambitions and goals just like everyone else. The difference with myself is that thoughts of business are always on my mind. Success to me is having passive income where I can make money in my sleep and wake up to this….


I could be watching what is considered “ratchet tv” and think of the money I could be making if I just step outside of the box. It is something that is plaguing my mind every second as I think to myself “things could be better”. I am not some ungrateful human being snobby. I grew up on the bottom.

“Upper class poor” was my father’s definition of our lifestyle. Every Christmas, birthday, or good report card I recall getting some type of Power Ranger toy or video game. So I was blessed in that sense to never be without material things but the hood is outside my door. I was fortunate to go to Disney World as a minor as I found many of my Job Corps family down the line didn’t get to experience that privilege as it was at the time. It wasn’t until I was a courier for UX that I would really see the disparity between African Americans and people of Caucasian descent. In the very nice buildings where I would do the deliveries I would see a majority of other races (Asian, Russian, whatever is “exotic”) and I would say to myself “I deserve to be here too”. The path that I was on as a worker I knew in my heart would never make it possible for me to stay in those buildings where the rent is more then 3 months of my hourly wage at the time. I knew a change had to come.

In a couple weeks my journey into the world of law will commence. I plan on going to the top when it comes to my education. The plan is to use law since it is a well paying field. I want to use my income to start my own gym. I love how working out has helped me to increase my confidence and enhance my looks. I would like to share that energy in a safe place of peace for people to become a better version of themselves. As you can see here I put my money where my mouth was in this case as l molded and shaped my body with exercise. Someday I will use my passions to fuel my dreams. Thanks for reading.

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