Gold Ranger Woes: Power Rangers Battle For The Grid PS4



For the last 24 hours I have restarted my system and tried numerous ways to get this damn game to work!

The game as a whole is not malfunctioning, its the update that is not working for PS4 owners all over. I am not able to access the new Gold Ranger or The Pink Time Force Ranger. When I try to select the characters I am sent to PlayStation Network where the new skins AREN’T AVAILABLE!

Now the Gold Ranger isn’t Jason’s version.


It is Trey from Triforia before he was split into three and had to transfer his powers to Jason.

I am a bigger fan of Jason donning the Black & Gold but I’ll take what I can get.


So far based on information that I have gathered from the Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid websites the social media that represents the games have responded with “We hear that PS4 players are still having some trouble. We hear you and are currently looking into that right now. Will update you as soon as possible! Thanks for you patience!”

That’s all they have to say. Tomorrow will make two days that I have not been able to enjoy my favorite Power Ranger of ALL TIME!


I have not played the PS4 version of the game for a couple of months and when I find out something exciting has happened that actually makes me want to play this again, I was let down.


My brother and I were looking at NBA news on YouTube when I saw the UPDATE INSTALLED pop up in the corner of my TV screen in reference to the Power Rangers game.

The last time I saw that a couple months ago, my ass ignored it….


I missed out for a week on the awesome story mode that was added and the RED RANGER WITH THE GREEN RANGER SHIELD!


My nerd ass was tight as hell.

Now every time I see an update for any game I get antsy.


Anyway I am hoping this shit gets squared away soon so I can enjoy playing out the rest of the summer with Trey of Triforia.


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“It’s Morphin Time!”

After my writing yesterday, I recall thinking of my favorite Power Rangers from the 90’s. Overall there were a few but Tommy Oliver takes the cake. The White Ranger takes the trophy for Greatest of All Time. I recall one year being this character for Halloween.


What made him so appealing to me was the purity of his character. I recall his power being made from the purest energy possible. He was always there for his team and assumed the leadership position. He was that “Alpha Male” that I speak of in this article here. I wanted to be just like him in the fact that he was a man and had the hot gymnast boo thang.

My honorable mention comes into a very close second with the design of his suit and other worldly powers. Jason as the Gold Ranger to me was pretty epic.

Yes I’m a nerd I know. Thanks for reading.

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