Keeping It Positive

The other day I was going to blog this long post bout how bad of a day I was having when I said to myself  “What are you doing?!!! I know no one wants to read about someone always having a bad day and whose in this sort of “doom and gloom” mindset.  My new thing everyday is to look at all the things around me and appreciate it for what it is. All this materialistic stuff I should not be upset about having and/or losing. I am blessed to have woken up today. I’m going to be in a positive mindset today and try to keep it that way from now on. My mom and I are getting stuff together by having a back up plan for ourselves so I am very positive we will make it over this hurdle of life and we will get our ish together.

Well to much better news, I PASSED MY ASSESSMENT TEST FOR COLLEGE! I am so happy that I will be able to start school in the next month.  Not to be cocky or anything but I knew I would pass. I have always known I was a pretty smart guy to begin with but I know you start to doubt yourself when so many negative things are around you. I finally stood up and I see a very bright future. In a week exactly I will be making my way down to Callen Lorde. I cant believe how fast time is flying by. It will be summer before I know it and it will be my unveiling. I plan on telling more of my close friends and family about my trans status and I hope they just jump on board. I already have a nice group of people in my life who know and support me already so ill be able to move forward with my process of transition regardless of anything. I LOVE APRIL!!! ITS A MONTH FULL OF SO MUCH POSITIVE ENERGY AND GROWTH!!!

Till Next Time-



Well today my mother and I made some progress by putting our minds together and figuring out things we could do to come up with money for the rent and/or ways to do so. I’ve also been in contact with others who are also on wordpress whose blogs personally have been words of wisdom for me. I look at anyone who has been transitioning before me as a role model because we can at least relate that life can be a bitch when it come to transitioning for the lack of better terms to describe it. Life has been a little rough to me right now but I know that things will get better with time and more effort on myself to get my life together, finish my degree and move out my mom’s apartment.  Well if any more comes to mind about my transition I’ll be sure to write in on here. Hope everyone enjoys their day!


So I dont know how to feel right now. Apparently my mom has fallen behind in her rent and now we have a little bit of time before we are evicted. Seems like lately I’ve been hearing nothing but bad news. I know things will get better its just a matter of when. I wish I knew some ideas. Well at least I can look forward to my Appointment at Callen Lorde Health Center. Im still stoked about transitioning though.  I am looking forward to changes in my body.  I’m just looking forward to some positive changes in my life that I know will come along with this as well as the negative problems I’ll have to face but I have to be strong. I am a growing boy you know. I feel better just blogging already. Well on a good note my wifey cooked me some good dinner. Thats definitely one thing she is great at and that’s soothing my soul from all the hurt and pain I feel on a daily basis. Well I’m going to spend some time with her tonight because shes so beautiful and so sweet ohh wee!!

Crazy Day

So I went to work today and without knowing I think I have been promoted. I have an older set of kids now that they have me tutoring so I am very happy about that. I also came out to my employer today while we were talking and she didnt seem to weirded out. I am happy with the support that I have been receiving from people that I’m telling. Now I only have to tell my friends but I must admit I’m nervous because I dont know how they are going to react. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but I just hope that I don’t lose any friends. If I do I will just have to deal with it. I am certainly making progress with everything around me right now so I can’t complain.  Next month I’ll be going to Callen Lorde Community Health Center. I called and set up an appointment. After I sign a paper to join the program, I’ll get a counselor where I can get help with navigating insurance plans. If unable, there is the option of a sliding scale fee which is based on your income. I hope I can get some insurance because I don’t make money like that to be paying out of pocket. I will find the money if I have to!

First Blog

New Beginning

Hey WordPress world! I am about to start a new journey in my life and I would like to share it with anyone who is willing to read this blog. I will be sharing my experiences with my life as well as all the steps im gong to be taking while transitioning. Everything Im writing is based on what I see and MY opinion on things so any derogatory comments or disrespect will be deleted from this page.

A Little About Myself…

I don’t want my blogs to be long and drawn out so I’ll get straight to the point.  My name is Ty and I’m an afterschool counselor. I’m really not to fond of the low pay I receive and am currently trying to get back into school so I can finish my degree in Criminal Justice. I have been dating my gf for 3 years and we are doing well.  I hope soon in the near future to start T and get top surgery. Im not to sure about bottom surgery but maybe it will be an option in the future. I live with my mom and my girlfriend at the moment. I’m so ready to be on my own. I’m not to fond of the neighborhood I’m in or sure about my safety if I were to come out. There are a few lesbians and gay men that live in my area but no one of transgender experience that I know of right now. I’m a little scared to actually go through the process but I have to do what I have to do to be comfortable in my own skin. My mom, girlfriend and a few others know about my trans status so I know I have support on the homefront. No one at my job knows but by the time I start transitioning I wont be there anyway. Ill be starting this new program called City Year in a bit and they are transfriendly. This is where ill be coming out and people will get to know me right away as a man. Well I have to get ready for work. Ill post more later on how I am going about transitioning and how I plan on doing it. Later!