Where Did Suites Go?


I’ve never had many issues with T-Mobile but I was pissed with them last night. I had no service in my house for 12 hours. You want to talk about upset? I usually write my blogs and check Facebook/Instagram on my cell phone because it’s just easier to maintain for me so you know I was tight. As they said when I called today, I have been a loyal customer for some years now. So to rectify the situation, they gave me 7 extra days on my bill cycle. I’m quite satisfied with the customer service today as the young lady did everything she could to help me. As someone who is looking to operate their own business in the future, I know things like this cause a loss to their profits but I’m sure it won’t hurt them long term.

I have made some new friends in the last couple of days. It feels very refreshing to have people who are goal oriented to talk too. It has uplifted my spirit in a lot of ways. When I talk to people who bring fresh ideas and dreams of their own, it energizes my batteries to want to progress. I was worried about miniscule issues but I am no longer. I need to focus on my career and business goals. Those things can buy me freedom. I know as long as I prosper in those places in my life, love will thrive when it is supposed too. The things I’m worried about also don’t make any sense. I’m not going to allow myself to get in my feelings over little things that don’t matter. I’ve realized those things are distractions to keep me away from my destiny. The devil will not stand in my way with his barriers to my paradise. This will be one of my shorter post because I’m dedicating today to making a dent in this real estate index. I hope everyone has a good week.


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