Life of a Transman

So far everyone I have told about my transition has been very positive and pushes for my success in further changes. So far since I have been upstate at my school and have noticed my voice getting really deep. This girl asked me one time “what’s wrong with your voice?”. I couldn’t help but laugh on the inside as I was very happy yet a bit antsy about my changes. I am currently not out as trans up there and it can be a bit scary at times as I am very positive I will have tests in my way to greatness but I will achieve what I want by just keeping my eye on the prize. I wanted to get my top surgery during the vacation but my therapist wanted to meet a couple more times with me before he gives me a letter to approve me. That is all fine and dandy because I do not think I am ready for it anyway. I have been working out just for this. I want to be the man I should’ve been. I won’t be taller but I will be buff. I want to be a force to be reckoned with.
Another thing that has really gotten to me is my sex drive. I am a daily masturbater. I need to get off at least once a day or I am cranky as crap. Well I will try to update after my therapist appointment.