When Demons Attract…

It’s dark down there…
Be careful or you might fall in with me…

My demon has had time to manifest so much energy in my life. I know for a fact he’s been fucking these girls I’ve been with…
He has a need that can’t be fulfilled easily…

Internal pain is what I have shared with others in my short life. It felt oh so good to feed from that energy…into that nectar…so intoxicating…endless.

It’s good to be bad.

Until it overflows onto life…not just in the bed where the juices were spilled and sucked up. 

That pussy was oh so good…

Hitting raw…

Cumming inside…

Feeding on all that sexual energy…

I will feel it again…

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Out of the Woodworks


The semester has gotten hectic so I’ve been focusing on getting this GPA up. Life has been so great to me as of late. I went to visit the NY Court of Appeals in Albany, NY along with my law program a couple weeks back. It was a very eye opening experience as to why I would like to pursue my law degree in the first place. The lack of the black community represented in this court was so disappointing considering the amount of “minorities” that graduate from law school year to year. There were ZERO African American lawyers and only one judge who is injured at the moment who was unable to be present but was able to watch online from a camera which streams their cases online. I am not sure what law school to go to but I know for a fact that I will infiltrate this market and represent African Americans the way we deserve to be seen.

Now into the nitty gritty of things…I have been having a very active sex life as of late. I am in a relationship with a fine young female who has blown my mind. One of the weekends we spent together we went at it off and on for about 12 hours and let me tell you this Scorpio right here…“I’m on fire!” Our sex is phenomenal. We make eye contact and I can feel the heat between us. It can be so intense you would’ve thought that I’ve never gotten a taste of some good good. We are both in shock at how great our bond is but this can all be attributed to our spiritual connection as well. There have been so many things that have been in sync in our lives you would think this was all a fairy tale.

On the other hand I really want to get my bottom surgery done. I think about daily how much easier it will be for me to do simple things men take for granted like using the urinal for instance. I go into the men’s bathroom daily with the fear of peeing on myself, the packer falling out of my pants or just plain being seen emptying out the excess pee to avoid back flow on myself. I am grateful with the opportunity to have someone to be intimate with so I’m not going to complain on that front. I just feel very dysphoric about my lack of a penis in between my legs. Everytime I have to stop and go into my closet for my strap on I feel some type of way. I am very blessed that I can get off with the use of my strap on alone due to the place of my genitals and the sensitivity that I have. Your mind is your biggest sex organ which has been in my favor. I get very worked up with my woman so it’s pretty easy to get where I need to be. I’m at a loss for words with how life is coming together but hey it could be worse. I’ll update more as the semester ends.

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Hot like Fire


I’ve been spending some time with a very beautiful person inside and out. Incredible in many ways…She’s so giving and such a sweetheart. It took some magic to soften that hardened Brooklyn exterior that life has helped to create. Once you get past that, her gentleness, and that oh so sexy femininity shows itself and intertwines with my masculinity to create something more then just casual intimacy. Her curves are out of this world. I’ve ridden them all the way around the bend and I can tell you every second was ecstasy. It’s like a whirlwind of emotions has come through to leave us both very confused to what we want.

It all started with a date to the village. I was celebrating my father’s birthday with some good ol’ Mary Jane and some sultry old school Sade. “Sweetest Taboo” is one of my favorite songs that I remember my father always listening to those days he would be cleaning up the house. On his birthdays since he passed away, I usually just chill by myself and reflect on life and where I want to go. This year I was expecting a level of comfort from people that I did not get and I felt I deserved. I had happened to start talking to this young lady some days before after my neighbors had a party. That night we talked about many things including Trans Male Penis size which you can find here. It was something about her that I couldn’t help but be attracted to this woman. We talked and I was feeling the vibe I couldn’t help but ask to stay connected.

Fast forward to last weekend of my dad’s birthday we went to hang out in the village and she showed me new things I’ve never been exposed to. We did some bar hopping, ate some good ass food and got some massages. We ended up back at my house where she dozed off in my arms. We woke up to spend time together just chatting about finances and the SEC. But then it just got real hot…we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and just had to stop it all before it went to far. She had to leave on business and I was left with a hard one and her on my mind.

A day went by and she was supposed to be off on the business trip. She is an accountant and was going off with her firm to do training. Life that day made sure we would be able to see each other. She was not able to get on her flight and had time to see me as I live right by the airport. She came by and that internal Scorpio flame inside me could not be tamed. We could not keep our hands off each other and ended up going the absolute distance. It was so hot in that place! By the time everything was said and done, I was left with something inside me stirring that I haven’t felt in a long time. She left and went on her trip and I was feeling so good. We talked the whole time she was away and even met up when she came back. We just spent the last few days together…It was amazing! I’m not really sure what’s going on right now with this situation but I’m just going to enjoy the company of this beautiful woman and cherish the moments.

It is so refreshing to actually feel stress free and open to change. I do have excess baggage in the background but I’m not going to allow that to diminish my future blessings. Just one weekend has strengthened my values and it gave me that extra pep I’ve been needing. I definitely will not be taking anymore crap from women in relationships. If a woman is not looking to build and grow with me I’m going to go elsewhere with my time because I know my worth. This one right here is my complete opposite.

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.

John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America


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Baby Making Part 2


Note: If you are a close family member or friend who follows my blog and you don’t want to know some details of my sex life, stop reading now.

You can find part one of my “Baby Making” writings here.

It seems like everyone is infatuated with the idea of sex and/or baby making. I can’t lie, I love me some good good as well. It can be life changing. If done with the right person your breath will be taken away. In the sheets sweaty, heavy breathing, skin caressing, bodies intertwined in ecstasy. Losing yourself in the feeling while traveling to places far beyond the physical realm. Your souls will truly connect when given to the right person. If the timing is right and you are both cisgender, a baby can be the next step. I speak on it all the time but I HATE that I can’t procreate with a woman. I have been told “the way we do it, I should’ve had a couple kids by now”. Now this does boost my ego because it means a brother is doing his thing but it does leave me feeling a bit sad I won’t have my genetic mini me. I will be content with raising an adopted baby and if my significant other is willing to have a baby even better. I’m starting to have signs of baby fever and it does not seem to be going away. I turn 27 next week and I’m getting that itch.


After speaking with many cisgender males about their inadequacies, my worries are worth nil. There will always be people in the world with unfair advantages so just suck it up! When it comes to reproduction, there are plenty of men who are sterile or who are just plain unhappy with their genitalia. I will have the opportunity one day to change all that with my bottom surgery which you can read about here but I will still be unable to naturally conceive with a woman. I want to be able to feel her opening up to me as I enter…Feel her getting wetter with every stroke. I’m a Scorpio lover so my mind is always in the gutter. Besides being very dirty minded, I understand the spiritual damage that can occur if sex is used as a weapon or is done with selfish motives. Every person you let into your being you’re left with baggage that can be positive or negative. I’d hate to co-parent with an energy vampire in my life, which would then make the experience of being a father a job instead of the happy “American Dream” picture that I’m hoping to create. Thanks for reading.

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Trans Man Talk: Does Size Matter?


I was chatting with a very interesting young lady about penis size and how much it matters to a woman. I see that it varies depending on the lady. When I told her I looked to get a 7 to 8 inch penis, she semi frowned at me like she was disappointed. She said to me “if you can choose why go small?”


The average male is 5.16 inches long and has about a 4.19 inch circumference according to the Huff Post. After going back and forth we came to the conclusion that there is a stigma in the African American community on penis size. My answer to this was “my preferable penis size is not for the pleasure of you, it’s for my comfort. 8 inches is small relatively speaking. “ She said she likes them big so she can feel full. I have heard this from multiple women in my community so im seeing that size can be a factor in a mans sexual relationship with women. I know it would be possible to tame an anaconda but I really don’t feel the need to impress anyone. My future boo will just need to be happy with what I have or keep it moving. I know for a fact the size that I want is good enough for thick women to enjoy. So that’s what I’m sticking to for now. I have plenty of time to rethink my penis size so I’m not going to stress all that just yet.

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Polyamory/ Polygomous Relationships


I was talking to this interesting female yesterday who was great with conversation. She is a chef/allied health professional/model. I love to talk to hustlers/entrepreneurs like myself. It intrigues me. Now it got to a point in our convo when she threw out there that she was involved with the polyamorous lifestyle. Like most people I confused it with being polygamous which is something completely different. I’m still waiting for her outline of the differences between the 2 but until then I did my own research for my curiosity and education because I mean you can learn something new everyday.

Polyamory relationships can include ‘many loves’ or sexual partners. It’s not affliated to any religious background or following.
Communication is key in these types of relationships I’ve learned. Everyone in the relationship would be aware of one another so it’s not cheating. To be in this type of relationship, I feel I would need to be very secure with myself and less possesive. It’s something new I’m learning about so I won’t throw the idea to the wayside. I’ve only known monagomy as a way of life but I won’t be quick to judge someone else’s lifestyle because I’m ignorant to its qualities.

Pologamy involves marriage to multiple partners. When a man is married to more then one female it’s called polygyny. When a woman is wed to more then one man its referred to as polyandry. Some polyamorous relationships involve marriage like in a “home base” type of thing with serious relationships on the side. Just when I was I beginning to think I knew everything, life opened my eyes even more.


My motivation lately has been low for my outside endeavors because of stress on the homefront. I go home with a chip on my shoulder as I feel daily I am going to punch my neighbor in the face. We have had multiple run ins for the the last few weeks and tension is high. Patience is not even the word to use when dealing with my life situations. I am that guy who goes till the wheels fall off even when I know I shouldn’t. I call it borderline stupidity sometimes when it comes to just letting go. I have found that people seem to have it easy when it comes to leaving me hanging but when I do it, life all goes to crap. I am all of a sudden a bad guy when it occurs. I have decided to put on my man pants and let go of the excess baggage. I will be updating my blog but I plan on going ghost in certain peoples lives so I can figure out if I want them around or not. Why waste any of my precious time on anyone who wont do the same for me? These seconds of my life that I spend sending messages and making phone calls to no response, I could’ve been deep in my real estate book learning the laws of my state. I could’ve been pursuing that really cute girl in my philosophy class which I have been putting off. I’ve talked to her more on a friendly tip but next week the real games begin. I don’t plan to get myself into any more serious relationships for awhile till I can learn to be content by myself but it will be nice to play around and talk to more women with brains and beauty.

Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.

-Deborah Reber, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

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Letting It All Hang Out…


I found this funny picture of this cat and couldn’t resist using it to express how vulnerable I’ve made myself to others by putting this blog out there.

My Claim To Fame

I love women. I knew from grade school I was “weird” at least in the eyes of the avid heterosexual back in the 90’s. It was around 3rd or 4th grade that I felt my first attractions to the female gender. My first crushes were 2 lightskin, fair-haired females who were pretty girls but into sports. My concept of beauty at that time was artificial. 

I remember the girls all calling me a “tomboy” as I got a little older now in junior high. I would wear windbreaker pants and vest. The outfit would be topped with the matching headband with the Nike check to the side. As I speak on in my last article here, I idolized Nelly ALOT. I always felt jealous of people who had confidence in themselves. I was never completely happy growing up as a teen female. I could never approach a woman the way I wanted for fear of rejection and ridicule. I recall an incident where a girl who was part of the rainbow crew in my school wore a “Barbie is a Lesbian” t-shirt and it sparked such controversy. You can look at this article here. It scared the crap out of me and chased me further into the closet.

For the next 2 years of my life I pretended to be someone I wasn’t. This included acting like I was attracted to the opposite sex with my loose girl clothes on. I hated the color pink and despised life for not birthing me as a male. I was a homophobe or at least pretended to be to fit in with my friends. It wasn’t up until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was living a great lie. Almost overnight my personality changed. I started to don a different color du-rag on the regular along with some of my dad’s old pants and loose t- shirts. I ended writing a letter to the main chick that I ridiculed telling her my true feelings and asking to be my friend. Long story short she ended up being my first girlfriend. She introduced me to a theater program formally known as “City at Peace NY”. It is now called the Possibility Project and can be found by clicking here. Here is where I learned I could be myself and opened up to the life of the rainbow. There were so many people like myself in the community and the support was rock solid. Even with all that it still did not feel right.

I did not feel somewhat complete until my freshman year in college after I bought my first prosthetic. There was an almost instant relief in my psyche. I could be intimate with a femele the way that I wanted which is through penetration. I would sometimes wear the device on a regular day because I liked how it felt between my legs. I attributed these feelings to “penis envy” and left it at that.

Fast forward about 5 years into around 2011 when I started to look up testosterone supplements. I saw pictures of women with muscular bodies who would dominate physical routines. I looked up the side effects of this stuff and they include some of the following:

Clitoromegaly (enlargement of the clitoris)
Facial hair growth
Deepening of the voice
Male pattern baldness

At the time there was no way that could happen. I thought “How would people look at me? What would my partner think?”. It was not until I was looking up an old friend when I found out my own truth. I saw him in transition and was amazed at his changes. I saw the acronym FTM in his gender category so I googled it and found so many guys who felt like me. The first blog I read was here at Ethan Daniels website. It took me to many other blogs and resources that I have used in my own transition. I learned that it was OK to be who I wanted to be.

Since then I have been on hormones and have transformed my body and spirit. I love who I am today and have had so much relief with my dysphoria as I see the man I want now but I still feel like I’m missing equipment. I want to have Bottom Surgery and I have explain the specifics on on a past blog here. My intimate life has gotten so much better the more I feel like “me” though so I can be a bit patient with this process. I will continue on till my physical transition is over and continue with my spiritual and financial growth. Thanks for reading.

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