“Pain is weakness leaving the body”

So yesterday I had to cane my way to my school. It was the funniest thing in my mind to “run” for the bus. I moved as fast as I could with the cane in my right hand to catch that bus and I got it. I went to my school and got the signatures needed to continue my money flow. I also got to look at my unofficial transcript and saw that my major has been officially changed to Legal Studies. I’m very excited to get started in my new career. I want to be a “jack of all trades” so to speak as I have electrical skills and now i’m adding legal to that. I finally got a new phone that also doesn’t shut off when it gets over heated and works well. Samsung has always treated me well. So I’m very happy about that.

I finally took my t injection after almost 3 weeks off. I forget sometimes nowadays but consider it a necessary evil. I’ll try and stay on point so I don’t mess with my levels. I was skeptical about injecting into my hurt leg but it has been healing pretty well. Every time I feel pain I think about how much of a beast I will be when I get better. No side effects of the t so far. Life is straight. I can’ t complain.


*If you are looking for transition related material click here.

*If you’re interested in Entrepreneurial endeavors, take the next step here.

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