“The Good Guy”

Now I’m not writing this post knocking my boy Stevie J. I respect him as a real artist who can definitely play an multitude of instruments. 


Stevie and I share a couple of qualities. He is a Scorpio like myself who is hungry to be better than he was yesterday. He makes a gazillion mistakes on a daily basis but he makes up for it by trying to come out stronger and better. Watching the show, you see he gets into many entrepreneurial endeavors. This includes partnering up with Benzino to open a restaurant and having a pre-workout supplement called “Danger Zone” that’s for sale right now. I plan on giving it a try once my money becomes a bit more stable. 

I love to work out and I am inspired by him to get my body even tighter than it was at my peak. First I’m going to be doing the “Insanity” workout to drop some weight. Next it will be the muscle gain. I hope to follow at least in those footsteps of his with the exercise and hustle. On the other hand, we also have a bad habit of attracting not so nice women into our lives.

Joseline you could see was trouble from the start. She got with him while he was in a relationship with his baby mother Mimi. They denied any claims of being together even with all the excessive flirting and inappropriate things done in the public and behind closed doors. During the course of their union, he played with her and she played back doing inexcusable things. Current news is she is supposed to be pregnant with his baby on the show. I do not think she was actually pregnant regardless of what was shown on the opening episode. I think it was all fake right along with Beyoncé’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy but that’s for another post. 

Now here’s where we differ…

I was binge watching the older seasons of the show before it came back on last night and I couldn’t help but notice how bad he is with women. This dude is not loyal at all! First there was Mimi, a baby mama to one of his daughters whose also a 20 year friend. He bought a family home for the 3 of them to live in the suburbs. As a music producer, he did most of his work in the studio in the city area where he also acquired an apartment for him to stay in on his late nights. Joseline was one of his artists at first. Since he has a bad habit of mixing business with pleasure, they ended up messing around. 

They would go to the extra apartment he had to have their sexual rendezvous. As of right now, they aren’t together on the show. During the season break, he had a spin off called “Leave It To Stevie.”

During the course of the show you saw him level up in the lady department with one of his longtime friends. He had a chance to date Faith Evans. Now this was a big step up from what he usually attracts. She was a real woman. I don’t feel like Faith would go out of her way to hurt him and play games like immature Joseline. She was graceful with it and I appreciate that about her. Grinding and level headed, I feel that’s what he needs from a wife. I take this advice into account for myself because now after all of the heartache and now know what and who I don’t want to marry. I want peace and stability in my life.

I’ve been buying some sage along with this other root to bring positive energy into my life and I suggest that Stevie J do the same. Some people don’t mature just with age, it takes experiences. Hopefully Stevie will stay faithful to the right woman. I feel when you find the one”, it will all work out in your favor and things will fall into place. If it’s not meant to be it won’t. Thanks for reading. 

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“Ignorance is Bliss”

      Why is the world the way it is?  The answer to that is Satan works through the global elite to bring as many souls with him down to hell. I do not want to sugar coat the spiritual battle that takes place everyday. Wars, diseases,terrorist attacks among other things are planned to implement new policies and restrictions for the masses to follow to turn all that we know into a police state. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you’d like but the facts are present online if people would only look.

      I was researching the illuminati and freemasonry some years ago but I have started again to refresh my knowledge on why certain things happen the way that they do. The illuminati consists of Royal Bloodlines which are working towards their goal of controlling everything. Click here for the link to the “Illuminati News”, one of the many websites I visit to get more knowledge about these societies.

     Here are a couple of videos about the music industry that I have watched if you’re looking to put the pieces together to the puzzle about how that system is set up. 

        I went to the barbershop to get a cut and had more questions because I heard one of the other barbers speaking on this a few weeks prior. It renewed my interest. I wanted to pick my particular barbers brain a little bit:

Me: What do you know about the illuminati?

Barber: Not much…

Random Patron: They run everything, sports, media, music…you name it. Devil worshippers they are…

Barber: They do a bunch of secret rituals…homosexual things they don’t speak of. If people knew about it, they wouldn’t support any of these industries.

I noticed my barber spoke  up when he saw that this other person in the shop made some comments. The question I then asked in my head….why do people know this stuff and say nothing? 

I researched his homosexual statements and found this video below:

    This stuff can make your head hurt when you’re used to living in a dream world….I get it. Just try and be open minded when reading and do your own research. Just don’t believe what the world/media says to you. This awakening was making me paranoid at one point that’s why I stopped researching the first time. I would go outside looking at the world like I was walking through the Matrix. It makes me think of this scene where Morpheus speaks on why most of this knowledge isn’t widespread for more to see.

The Matrix is actually filled with a lot of symbolism as to how the world is just like how it is presented in the movie but that’s another story.

It got to the point where I was like ” ignorance is bliss.” I was missing the life I had before I found out the truth. Now a few years later, I’m happy that my eyes were opened. I’m awake and I can work my way around what the system wants from me as a black male. I can keep my spirit cleansed of the demonic spirits that run the entertainment industry. I do not monetarily support these people any longer.  I still listen to music and watch football but I download most of it. I’m not giving my money to them to push forward the agenda of making the average person a slave. I just know to pray to GOD and not get myself hypnotized by what the industry flashes in front of me. I no longer idolize any of these artists/players. They won’t lead me into hell with them. I’ll write more specific blogs on the entertainment industry as I learn more. Thanks for reading.

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Gentleman Swagger


I would like to call myself a “gentleman in training”. When I see a woman coming towards me I’ll hold the door for her, or let her go first if possible. There are a multitude of different things that I’ll do for the ladies. I do have my moments of being a complete asshole to the general public when I’m in one of my modes though. I’m from NYC and I live in the hood. Many of the women in my community have disrespected themselves by being mean and nasty. I drop the door on them as often as I can lol. Call me an asshole but I’m no one’s stepping stool. As I come into my own as a man in this world I try to keep an open mind even when “thots” come through with their negativity and ghettoness.

I envision wining and dining my boo in a nice 5 star restaurant like The View dressed in a 3 piece suit. I would have my shiny gators on while she is wearing a nice evening dress with her red bottoms on. Pull her chair out to seat her while we dine on great food. I plan to treat my future wife like a princess.

An older ex coworker of mine explained women to me in a way that always stuck in my head. “Women are like flowers. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are delicate and need a tender touch and care”. Words from a true gentleman. This guy is from the “Old School” and many of his words have stuck with me. I’m very blessed to have had positive men around me that have taught me the foundation of being a good man.

This song has been my jam for today and speaks to my personality.
Thanks for reading.

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“Think Big and Kick Ass”


I have read 195 pages of Donald Trump’s book which I named my article after because I feel so powerful after reading his words. I was telling my mother “He is an asshole, but he knows how to make a lot of money”. The book helps you to understand a lot more about his character and why he acts the way that he does. He gets the respect he deserves because he DEMANDS it. ” It’s more important to be respected and feared than to be liked…” This quote hit home with me because I had always thought different. I thought respect would come from being nice and treating everyone accordingly. This is how I’ve had my feelings stepped on over and over again by people without even realizing it. His attitude of “When someone hits you, hit them back ten times harder so people know not to mess with you.” has defeated some ruthless foes. I have even thought of voting for the guy because I know he’ll get us out of debt if anything else because he is not scared to make tough decisions.

I see myself with great wealth and prosperity and I refuse to let anything stop me. That’s what separates the men from the boys…perseverance. My goals now are to put myself first before anything. My emotions and feelings matter to me the most. Life will bring me everything that I desire as long as I can let it in. I want more than what I have right now. I DESERVE IT! I realized I was going on a mini rant so I’m going to finish reading this book now.

In other news, I go up to my campus today to find out 2 of my classes have been dropped without warning. I should’ve known something was up when the teacher did not show up for the first day. I am beyond pissed off at how today has went but I am going to live. So far I have found 2 classes after 3 hours of searching for them. I am not happy with my schedule but I am not going to let this stop me from reaching my peak. I will have my empire.

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“Death is the Last Chapter in Time but the First Chapter in Eternity.”

I havent seen many people talking about Aaliyah’s life today.14 years ago we lost a kind soul. One of the many people say are “gone to soon”. Have we suddenly forgotten the former Princess of R&B?


Growing up this was my very first female crush. I was in love with her music, her ability to stay humble, and physical beauty. When I catch “Romeo Must Die” on television, I always stop to watch it to take in all of the positive energy she radiated during her career. I can’t say I have a favorite album because the 3 she did release to me were all hits out of the park but her self titled album “Aaliyah” to me meant the most. It could be nostalgic value it has to me since it was her last album. You died younger then I am now and for that I am grateful for life.

Sleep in Peace
01/16/79 – 08/25/01

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs by her. Have a nice day and thanks for reading.

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