Fatty McFatFat

Why am I fat again?

I originally looked like this before I started doing the Insanity workout in 2012.

These are also pics before my top surgery so bare with me.

I did all that work from 2012- 2014 to look like this…

I speak about my original weight loss here. My top surgery was completed by Dr. Weiss in NYC. I speak of that experience here.

Now in 2018 this is me..

That’s two different people there!

I am just in complete utter shock at how much weight I’ve gained.

I’ve been through the ringer in my life to this point since 2014. I’ve lost friends, lovers and my own self respect.

Just in December, I got hurt at work so this has limited me even further in the work that I can do. My diet was crap because I was so depressed with my lack of movement. I used food as a means to get pleasure when I was bored or stressed.

Now there’s Fatty McFatFat!

The next 60 days, I’m going to work on changing my life around. Getting arms and back definition is highly important to me as a man.

Things can’t stay the same!

Growth and progress forward is the only option.

On another note, I am currently messing around with the idea of a clothing line. It could be a great personal venture for me.

My clothing will be a way to present my individuality to the world.

This may even cause me to come out eventually and not live as a stealth transman.

I have to give even less fucks and do what I have to do. This could be my gold mine in disguise!

Just think of the possibilities!

Everyone has something unique about oneself. At times for me that’s the biggest thing I feel that sets me apart from others. Being a transgender male that is.

I am not ashamed of transitioning at all. That would be a pussy move.

Embracing my status internally has always worked for me. I may need to rethink some of my thoughts. I know my thinking originated from fear which I need to overcome to live my best life possible.

*If you’re looking for transition related material click here.

*If you’re interested in my Entrepreneurial endeavors, take the next step here.


  1. Lucky · April 28

    Just remember to not be too hard on yourself either, I have had that happen before were I am angry that I let something go and then it just gets worse. You will kick ass and climb back on the horse. You have a cheering section here.

    • Suites · April 28

      I appreciate your words Lucky. That definetely made me feel good!

  2. Hey man, lemme know how the workouts go again if you do them. I’ve also gained weight and am trying to figure out hooooow to get it off cuz I just don’t want it anymore haha. Insanity works? I have never tried it but heard good things. How often did you do the workouts when you did them consistently? I need some motivation! Your pics and this post reminded me to get my ass in gear haha.

    • Suites · July 21

      I Did My Workouts Everyday! I Worked Out 6 Days A Week On The Insanity Workout And I Went To The Gym!
      Now I just Follow The Calendar. I’m Almost Done With My First Full Rotation! Insanity Works! It Will Change Your Life If You Stick To It. I Haven’t Lost Any Weight But My Body And Stamina Has Dramatically Improved!

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