Stepping Stones To My Destiny…


It has now been 21 days since I’ve had my hysterectomy. So far I have nothing interesting to report. Just taking it easy till my 6 weeks of recovery are over. I’m trying to follow the doctors orders as she drilled the rules into my head a couple days ago. I’m bugging out because everything I do to release stress, I am banned from it. I so look forward to working out again. I miss it so much! That is one thing that kept my mind right and my body tight. Coming from a life of always being overweight, I was just getting to a place where I was content with my body. Then with this surgery and knee issues ive been at a stand still when it comes to my fitness. You can look at my weight loss journey here in a previous entry. I am not able to masterbate, receive oral or have any sex for that matter because of the hidden stiches. They could be popped from internal muscle contractions which could lead to major surgery to repair my insides and more time to heal. I’m horny as hell and ready to get down with my baby. My wife was told “if you think it’s sexy, you can’t do it”. I can tell you that crushed my hopes and dreams of getting off and relieving these hormones.

I see the hysterectomy procedure as a “means to an end”. Getting an ALT phalloplasty is the ultimate goal. Law enforcement may be the way I’ll be taking to get there. I know for a fact if I can get employment going this route, my surgery will get covered in full. I’ll do back flips and cartwheels the day I can wake up, (without pain!) to my completed penis that I can use to urinate outside and penetrate a woman. You can check out the full breakdown of what I want from bottom surgery here. Writing my name in the snow is on my growing bucket list. Along with penetrating a woman…my wife preferably…it doesn’t really matter where I enter her. As long as we are both in the throes of pleasure.

It has been quite the week with everything that is going on. Things seem to be going sour in certain places but I’m trying to stay positive. I took the notary test in my state and I have to wait at least 2 weeks for the results. I’ve also been looking into law school A LOT. I have plenty to say on that topic so it will be a separate post.

I would like to add that I make periodic changes on my blog. If you decide to return in the future, this post and even others may be completely different. Sometimes I get inspiration after I publish and I’m like “oh crap, I should’ve added that”. I do what I do on here. It’s one of the few things I have complete control over. Life on the other hand…that’s another story for a different day. Thanks for reading.


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