Baby Making Part 2


Note: If you are a close family member or friend who follows my blog and you don’t want to know some details of my sex life, stop reading now.

You can find part one of my “Baby Making” writings here.

It seems like everyone is infatuated with the idea of sex and/or baby making. I can’t lie, I love me some good good as well. It can be life changing. If done with the right person your breath will be taken away. In the sheets sweaty, heavy breathing, skin caressing, bodies intertwined in ecstasy. Losing yourself in the feeling while traveling to places far beyond the physical realm. Your souls will truly connect when given to the right person. If the timing is right and you are both cisgender, a baby can be the next step. I speak on it all the time but I HATE that I can’t procreate with a woman. I have been told “the way we do it, I should’ve had a couple kids by now”. Now this does boost my ego because it means a brother is doing his thing but it does leave me feeling a bit sad I won’t have my genetic mini me. I will be content with raising an adopted baby and if my significant other is willing to have a baby even better. I’m starting to have signs of baby fever and it does not seem to be going away. I turn 27 next week and I’m getting that itch.


After speaking with many cisgender males about their inadequacies, my worries are worth nil. There will always be people in the world with unfair advantages so just suck it up! When it comes to reproduction, there are plenty of men who are sterile or who are just plain unhappy with their genitalia. I will have the opportunity one day to change all that with my bottom surgery which you can read about here but I will still be unable to naturally conceive with a woman. I want to be able to feel her opening up to me as I enter…Feel her getting wetter with every stroke. I’m a Scorpio lover so my mind is always in the gutter. Besides being very dirty minded, I understand the spiritual damage that can occur if sex is used as a weapon or is done with selfish motives. Every person you let into your being you’re left with baggage that can be positive or negative. I’d hate to co-parent with an energy vampire in my life, which would then make the experience of being a father a job instead of the happy “American Dream” picture that I’m hoping to create. Thanks for reading.

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  1. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama · October 21, 2015

    It’s interesting, because as a woman in a lesbian relationship, I have a lot of the same feelings that you do. I hate that from one night ouf our passionate love, we won’t be able to make a baby. I won’t come home one day and have my wife say, “Honey, I’m pregnant” and if frustrates the hell out of me. It saddens me, so on some level, I feel you so hard on this. With that said though, when I look into the face of our twin boys, or even my 7 year old foster daughter, I see how genetics play such a small, tiny roll in how much those kids love me, and how much I love them. It’s really incredible. But somehow, sometimes, deep down inside, I still wish that I could see myself in the face of my kids. See me and my wife, and our moments together that created out love children. It’s a tough space to be in…thanks for sharing this…

    • Suites · October 21, 2015

      No problem…it’s just sharing to educate. I’m just keeping it real. I will love my children with all of me even though we are not genetically connected. Thanks for reading. I never really thought about this issue until I physically transitioned and the pressures of being a man fell on me.

  2. randomthoughtsofareformedparamour · October 21, 2015

    I’ve been dealing with infertility for about 6 years. It never gets easier and when that clock starts ticking.., don’t ignore it. Best of luck to you.

    • Suites · October 21, 2015

      Thank you for reading…I appreciate it…

      • randomthoughtsofareformedparamour · October 21, 2015

        I know your situation is different than mine, but… Wanting a child has nothing to do with gender identity. It’s the need to nurture and leave a foot print in the world. I could care less if I was with a man or a woman, either way, my uterus will never work, but that doesn’t mean you give up. We are all set in our weird and winding paths for a reason,

      • Suites · October 23, 2015

        Your definitely right about that…”everything happens for a reason” they say

  3. Asha T'nae · November 11, 2015

    Love the transparency of the post! I’m a Scorpio moon sign, and when I’ve been in relationships with women, we’ve hit the same wall…thanks for sharing.

    • Suites · November 11, 2015

      No problem…writing is not only a source of therapy for me but It can help someone else know that they are not alone…Scorpios all day! Enjoy your b day if it has not come up yet though fellow family. Thanks for reading

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