Random Thoughts


Today was a pretty interesting day. I went outside with plans to just go return books to the library and ran into an old friend. We went food shopping and I learned a couple of Snapple facts. I try to make every experience in life a learning one. I feel everyday something can be absorbed into the knowledge department. We then dipped out to the library where I found absolutely no books on real estate navigation. So I took out a licensing examination guide to learn about being a salesperson, broker and appraiser. I am not sure what anyone of them do but I will learn. I also found a couple books on investment and took out “The Warren Buffet Explanation of Stock Portfolio” book. The lady at the reference desk had no idea who he was! I was in complete shock.


How could you not know one of the richest men in the world who is a revolutionary in picking good investments?  Its like he has a killer instinct in those matters. I feel reading the books of great entrepreneurs , I will absorb their aura and demeanor to become very wealthy. Donald Trump is someone else who I will follow in terms of real estate information. I plan on going to the bigger library for more detailed real estate niches. I want to learn how to wholesale and sell multifamily complexes.

On my way home I saw a childhood friend in the store. We ended up linking up for a bit and paid “Mary Jane” a visit. It’s cool to just sit around and have man time with the guys. Talking about all kinds of things including women. I’ve become more infatuated with females as my physical identity shifted completely to male. I have never had any homosexual feelings whatsoever while taking testosterone. I appreciate the female body in all shapes and sizes. It’s just not for me to have for myself. Life makes me look forward to having my bottom surgery so I can really enjoy my sex life with my future boo. I love what I have so far in that department but I know it would be better without that damn attachment. I find moments of impatience run up on me at the most random times. I get anxious to get my bottom surgery done then depression sets in because I’ve done all that I could for the moment. I have my hysterectomy set up in the next couple of months and it can’t come soon enough. I will be rid of all female hormones and I hope for more changes in the voice and hip department. I’ve heard of this happening for guys and I hope this trend continues for me.


*If you are looking for transition related material click here.

*If you’re interested in Entrepreneurial endeavors, take the next step here.

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