Vanquishing My Fears

“Never do or refrain from doing something because you are concerned with what people might think about you. The fact is that nobody is even thinking about you at all”-Brian Tracy


I was on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Social Network today and stumbled upon the quote above. Immediately I felt like there is a higher power involved in aspects of my life. The blog I was reading spoke about embracing fear and using it to propel yourself forward. Fear is what makes all of us human but I like to now use my energy to fuel my inner animal. I feel like a beast whenever I go out. I lock eye contact with people when they talk. I am not afraid to speak my mind when I feel like it. I am learning to take the bull by the horns and man up. People will not just give you respect, it must be earned. I am trying not to breach the barrier of confidence into just being a complete asshole. I feel I will learn the difference in time so I won’t kick myself to much if I make some mistakes along the way.


The Fear of Loneliness

I was raised as an only child so I spent a lot of time with myself. For that reason I am able to cope with loneliness in a productive way. I would use my imagination and come up with whole movie scenarios with all my toys. It was an amazing experience to have the time, space and safety to explore my mind. I did always ask for a sibling but it never happened. My dad was always a big kid anyway so I would go out with him bike riding around the neighborhood. I will always have a sense of gratitude for him being around. When mom wasn’t home it would be me and him playing the video and board games together. I did not realize how quiet this house could be without him. I hid most of my feelings of loneliness behind my consumption of marijuana and having snakes around me after he passed. Now I don’t budge as easily to the feeling any longer. I fill my time with reading more information on real estate and on here blogging. Just like stated here in my last post “Time Drainers”, I am starting to use my time like I would my money. I choose to very frugal with both because I don’t know the future in terms of my income. So that means I am alone most of the time nowadays. It’s just me and my thoughts of having an enterprise for real. I want to get my life together so I can only worry about my emotional issues.
Right now the temporary feelings of loneliness could be squandered with a quick trip to the bank to diversify my portfolio. Maybe a trip to the Islands of the French Polynesia will help heal my spirit.


This place is truly breathtaking from the pictures. I can only imagine the moment when I’m feeling the fresh air hitting my face while floating in the majestic waters. All of this can come to pass if I learn to work with my inner energy to promote growth from within myself. I have to make it happen for not just myself but for my mother and future generations. I will not stand with people who are not completely with me any longer because I am afraid of my own thoughts and emotions. There is no reason to hide from the monster. I like to face my demons head on nowadays. After the demon sees you’re not afraid, It disappears.

“Loneliness is no longer a fear of mine…I consider it Peace of Mind”-Suites

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