Time Drainers


I DON’T LIKE MY TIME BEING WASTED! This is something that I hate and I dont really like to use that word to describe anything because there’s such a strong emotional attachment to it. As I get older it become increasingly important to spend my seconds just as I would my money. I use what I can from experience to teach me what NOT to do in the future. One thing I have noticed is that people can be very selfish with their time but play with yours. I know how good of a person I am so I’m learning not to take crap from the world. I embrace my imperfections as strengths that set me apart from others. I can give off a “weird” vibe sometimes. I say weird because anyone I consider to be “Plugged into the Matrix” seems not to gel that well with me and that’s absolutely fine. I don’t like small talk or anything to do with the media. I feel it’s a waste of my brain cells when I hear others speak of “mindless” celebrities who don’t give a damn about them. Those “stars” push an agenda that I see has millions of people completely hypnotized and dumbed down because of it. When I see famous people, they make me want more of what they have. I can’t sit and watch an award show or reality tv with nice houses and cars and not feel more hungry for my dreams to come true. It makes me want to work harder to attain whatever it is that I want.

There are not many TV shows that I can sit and watch with out getting bored. When I do watch the tube though, I tune into “Property Brothers” on HGTV. I’ve watched Jonathan and Drew Scott remodel some pretty dismal cribs into dream houses. I see their passion for real estate through their attitude towards it. Being able to have fun while getting some serious money sounds like a dream that I will make come true for myself. I just have to figure out 1 way to change my life.

Im starting to see my own love for real estate as I become more knowledgeable about it. In between my classes and other things I plan on studying different types of property and sales in real estate.

This is my first blog since starting class and it has been such a roller coaster. Being full time is a whole lot different from my 2 classes last time around. I had a class cancelled on me and I was unable to log into my student email till today after a crazy run around. College and I have a love/hate relationship. I love to learn new things but the amount of work you must do is crazy. So far I’ve been managing so I expect a good semester. With maturity I have been learning to prioritize my work before play so I can get all A’s this time around. I want to bring my GPA up so I can transfer to a better school for law. Which means a lot less of lolly gagging and nonsense. I feel if I work now I’ll be able to play later much earlier then my peers if I put in the effort. I want my future wife to be able to take care of home without any barriers in the way whether it be children or just her own personal goals. The plan is make sure my future generations don’t have to struggle as much as I did to get to where I am which will hopefully lead to better opportunities for them. Those petty time wasters will not be invited to the party.


*If you are looking for transition related material look here.

*If you’re interested in Entrepreneurial endeavors, take the next step here.


  1. Gia · September 1, 2015

    Hi Ty, thanks for visiting our evolvingchrysalis.wordpress.com blog. It’s all about transformation, isn’t it? The Universe’s (on the big scale) but each of us as well…and it is definitely a big theme for you, it looks like. Thanks for sharing and letting us know about your journey – I imagine it to be one with many obstacles but you seem to be doing well. I mwish to leanr more about it all.
    In my job (psychotherapist working mostly with teens and young adults) I’ve had only a couple patients who were struggling with their gender but I know it is a tough one. Tough to follow through with it too, I can see. Wish you best of luck and strength

    • Suites · September 1, 2015

      I appreciate your positive energy Gia. It’s has been a tough road but things get easier with time. I am lucky to have the support system that I have to move forward with my transition. It has been 4 long hard years but it’s something I really wanted to do. Your job is one of patience and understanding. I thank you for your hard work with the young adults/teens and send you good vibes. Good luck to you in your life journey as well.

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