“Think Big and Kick Ass”


I have read 195 pages of Donald Trump’s book which I named my article after because I feel so powerful after reading his words. I was telling my mother “He is an asshole, but he knows how to make a lot of money”. The book helps you to understand a lot more about his character and why he acts the way that he does. He gets the respect he deserves because he DEMANDS it. ” It’s more important to be respected and feared than to be liked…” This quote hit home with me because I had always thought different. I thought respect would come from being nice and treating everyone accordingly. This is how I’ve had my feelings stepped on over and over again by people without even realizing it. His attitude of “When someone hits you, hit them back ten times harder so people know not to mess with you.” has defeated some ruthless foes. I have even thought of voting for the guy because I know he’ll get us out of debt if anything else because he is not scared to make tough decisions.

I see myself with great wealth and prosperity and I refuse to let anything stop me. That’s what separates the men from the boys…perseverance. My goals now are to put myself first before anything. My emotions and feelings matter to me the most. Life will bring me everything that I desire as long as I can let it in. I want more than what I have right now. I DESERVE IT! I realized I was going on a mini rant so I’m going to finish reading this book now.

In other news, I go up to my campus today to find out 2 of my classes have been dropped without warning. I should’ve known something was up when the teacher did not show up for the first day. I am beyond pissed off at how today has went but I am going to live. So far I have found 2 classes after 3 hours of searching for them. I am not happy with my schedule but I am not going to let this stop me from reaching my peak. I will have my empire.

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  1. Jamie Ray · August 28, 2015

    I think there are better role models than Donald Trump. He is a misogynist and a racist. I don’t think there is any harm in reading his book, but I would beware of any message that infers that it is OK to treat people like dirt, or to step on people to get ahead (compete with yes, win by sabotage no).

    • Suites · August 28, 2015

      Donald Trump is an asshole which I pointed out but he is a money maker…that we can’t deny. That’s the point I was making. He says what he wants and stands his ground. Being man enough to stand behind your word regardless of what people say or think…that takes guts. When people intentionally hurt you you need to poke your chest out and defend yourself. Everyone won’t like the villain and that’s OK too lol. I feel it’s all part of the plan to win the election and it’s pushing him up the polls.

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