The Names Bond…James Bond


OK so I’m not the 007 agent from Mi6 whose classic swagger has saved his life and others over and over again. I am however living my life as a male of transgender experience. Living this life fairly stealth in the beginning to me was stressful at times. I am in a heterosexual relationship with a cisgender female whose family does not know my past and we plan to keep it that way. Cisgender for example means that she associates with her gender from birth. This is one of those subjects that can be very touchy. I’ve heard “you are being deceptive” and “why not?”. Well my girl is very adament that they dont need to know so im happy she is by my side. This is a personal choice you would have to make when dealing with In-Laws. I am not so avid to keep this side of me a secret anymore but I don’t wear a sign on my head either.

I am fairly far into my physical transition as I am around 4 years on testosterone and have had great changes to my body. I’ve also had top surgery which you can look at here. I love the changes I have had and continue to get more confident in myself as the days go by.

*If your looking for transition related material click here

*If you’re interested in Entrepreneurial endeavors, take the next step here.

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