“They Really Love Me!”: Premio Dardos Nomination


I would like to thank http://dauglyducklin.org/ for nominating me for the Premio Dardos Award.


It is an honor to have my work appreciated by the blogging community. Part of the award stipulates you nominating other bloggers or “pay it forward” to accept the award.


1. http://dauglyducklin.org/

2. rshinesontv.wordpress.com/

3. http://ordinaryadventures.co/

4. https://africtransdotnet.wordpress.com

5. http://thepublicblogger.com/

6. http://janitorqueer.com/

7. https://brightonbipolar.wordpress.com/

8. https://thechroniclesofanonbellymama.wordpress.com/

9. https://anotherjoriginal.wordpress.com/

10. http://tworiversblog.com/

11. https://rinthewriter.wordpress.com/

12. https://pattidawnswansson.wordpress.com/

13. https://transempowermentnetwork.wordpress.com/

14. https://transgenderfile.wordpress.com/

15. https://thattransitionblog.wordpress.com/

Thanks for reading my blog guys. Enjoy your day.

Check out my last blog here about the review of my Freetom Prosthetic Device.

*If you are looking for transition related material click here.

*If you’re interested in Entrepreneurial endeavors, take the next step here.

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