Extension de pénis: Freetom Prosthetic Review

About 7 months ago, I invested in the Rogue 4 in 1 Freetom Prosthetic which you can look at on the website here. I ordered the dark brown color. It is meant for use in intercourse, packing, pleasing the wearer, and to stand to pee or as a stp device. My toy has the length and girth of 5.5 inches around. I’ll get into each feature detailing my experience with the device. These products can be pricey so if your balling on a budget I would look elsewhere. I paid 189.99 for this toy.

This is the first and last packer that I will ever need to buy. On a regular day, I will just wear it without a harness and it does me justice. There have been times it moved around but my underwear were to blame for that. I now use Champion Performance boxer briefs which you can see here. I tend to buy them from Modell’s because of the 2 for 20 sale they typically have with these. I buy the cotton and polyester fabric. When doing heavy activity, I go with the polyester. It wicks away the sweat to keep you nice and dry. I went down a size smaller in underwear to keep him snug and to prevent heat rash and discomfort. I tried to use this product with a harness once (not included) as a courier. It’s made for use without one but you can use one, its your choice. That was a bad decision for me. The harness irritated the hell out of me. I sweat a lot and got bad “rug burn” around my hips from the rubbing of the nylon. I never used it with a harness again. I would suggest a better material if you insist on using one. These products are made big (at least to me) and are not made for guys who wear tighter pants. It can create a huge bulge in your pants. The smaller the better in this case if looking for just a packer to buy. It comes with a pleasure rod that is removable. I prefer to use it without the rod when not in play. The rod makes it harder to move in certain directions.

In this section I will include both reviews of sex for the giver and the receiver. In terms of sexual intercourse (coming from a female who is cisgendered whose had sex with cisgendered men) she thought it was a bit hard. She enjoyed the width more then anything. I used it with a condom to prevent irritation of her vagina and protect the toy. If your significant other likes deep penetration 5 inches will not be enough. It would fall out of her in certain positions but it was stiff enough without the use of the rod for play if desired. I also used an O ring harness with the toy. When it comes to the pleasure glide, I felt absolutely nothing. I thought it had to do with the position of my junk. I have had significant growth on t down there but I’m hanging low. Even when positioned correctly, I didn’t feel anything so it’s a waste of time for me. I invested this money primarily for the sexual functions and I was let down with this size.

You have to find your rhythm with this toy. It’s pretty easy to use in my opinion. The only issue I had was with back flow. You have to take your time while going. Once you master use of this it’s golden. It is definitely worth its money in this aspect. I’ve had no problems here.

Overall it is a good product. I would go bigger if I decide to invest in them again to fulfill mine and my partner’s needs. I would use my smaller one to pack because it’s the perfect size for me.

I don’t want to buy anymore toys. I look forward to when bottom surgery becomes possible for me. If I could get it tomorrow I would. I just want to feel whole. You can look at my other blog here to read about what I want from this surgery. Thanks for reading.

Here are some pics of it below. I’ll take more as I get the time.




*If you are looking for transition related material look here. Thanks for reading.

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