Around and Around We Go…

I used the image of a tornado because it takes me back to my comfort zone while growing up. I read a lot of weather books as a child. I was particularly infatuated with tornadoes as the strongest (which is an F5 or EF5 rather recently) wind speeds can reach over 300 miles per hour in the funnel.

I am not sure how to feel however at this moment. I can say from what I have currently been experiencing in my life, it is completely my fault. I really should be watching myself and my empire a lot closer then I have. I am an adult and can man up to my mistakes and move on from them to a solution.

I am a believer in a higher power and karma. How I react to the situation will ultimately be my own karma. I take my lack of sleep last night to my mind just not being able to wrap my finger around life at times.

When my energy is being drained, I try not to respond with anger or backlash. I have learned to just do me and will continue to till my dying breath. It leaves me feeling more accomplished when I direct these seconds in time to myself instead of others that are not completely for me. Today is the day I make change, make amends with my past and move towards my future. I feel if I’m not a priority now, when will I ever be?. There’s always supposed to be an excuse. Then the whole “forgive and forget” period which can be attributed to why I feel the way that I do because I’ve allowed negative energy to stay in my life far too long. Being a man is the toughest thing I have ever experienced but I do not regret one change that I have had. I wonder how old me would handle life right now.

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