“Why Climb the Corporate Ladder When You Can Build It Yourself?”


I’ve been asking myself this question all night as I read the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ book. It has really shifted my vision on how the world and everything around us really works. I had this ideal “American Dream” notion drilled into my head so much I thought it was what I needed to do. My mindset has been completely changed as I feel like a sponge that just wants to suck up every piece of entrepreneurial advice article that I can. I want the knowledge and experience to run my own business but have yet to find anyone wanting to mentor me. I actually contacted an owner off of Craigslist who was selling a gym for 100 grand. In exchange for his mentorship, I was offering to work for free to learn the process of owning a gym to no avail so far. I will continue to look for my golden egg till I find it.


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