Insanity Junkie Depression

One of my favorite workouts

One of my favorite workouts

So it has been one day so far since I have dislocated my leg and I will tell you I am beyond depressed. I have been spreading my misery to the people that I love and I didnt even realize I am acting like a scrooge because I will be unable to work out. Can you imagine a grown ass man crying on the phone about not being able to push my body to the limit?

I believed this philosophy to be completely true until I hurt myself.

Here are a few lessons that I learned yesterday:

1. Wear my damn knee brace when working out!

2. “Being cute is for outside the gym”. Thanks Paul!

3. I learned to learn my lesson

Let that last one resonate with you for a second. Okay good, now I am thinking about all the times I knew better in a situation. I continued to do it anyway thinking it couldn’t happen to me because I am super human or something. Life has a crazy way of bringing your head back down to the planet when you think you’re to big to fail. I am going to continue to be bummed about it but I will just use my energy for other things including my upper body, my future gym, and the people who genuinely care about me and not the phonies. I see there are many around me but I don’t stress the negative energy coming at me. I am just going to use it to get further in my life so they can hate even more.

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