Can You Pass My Penis Please?


I wake up in the morning to my bladder telling me to hit the bathroom. Going as fast as I can to avoid waking up completely, I am reminded of the fact that I do not have an adult male penis capable of urinating standing up or penetrating a woman’s vagina during intercourse.  I am constantly made aware of this fact daily because of the lack of bulge in my pants, when I really need to pee, and when I am just trying to get down with my woman. I hate having to always worry of whether or not ill leak on myself when hitting the urinal or using an attachment when getting down. I just want to be me that’s all. The one that I see in the mirror. I see a man. I know all men do not have penises. I have one in my visions though that gets erect when I am aroused and I can whip out on a road trip to piss in the bushes.

*If you are looking for transition related material click here.

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