Curve Ball

So I was at the gym today and dislocated my knee. I can only blame myself for my actions and I can say I learned my lesson in terms of wearing my brace. I’m pissed off that I won’t have the chance to go hard for the rest of the summer in terms of my cardio but I plan on crushing the gym. I will do whatever I can to get on my feet. I’ve been grunting to myself all day in frustration because I’m a real work out junkie. I’m going to still walk around the track with my mom and work on my upper body as much as possible. I love the burn of working in the gym. It has been my personal stress reliever since I started to make it a lifestyle.

In a transition related update, I have now been on t for 4 years last month. The changes to my body has been amazing!

Body: Fat redistribution and weight loss. Muscle is prominent in the upper body and Cardio has improved. Stamina and Endurance through the roof but due to Insanity and working out with increased confidence.

Mind:I have always had the “mind of a man” so to speak but I would say that my complete mindset has changed due to the way the world now treats me as an African American Male. I am just adapting to my surroundings

Sex Drive: Through the roof at all times but is manageable for me lol

*If you are looking for transition related material click here.

*If you’re interested in Entrepreneurial endeavors, take the next step here.

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