Heterosexual Privilege

I have been kind of baffled about this idea for while. Now I am not talking about the privilege of a man and a woman holding hands in the street, I am talking about my girlfriend who seems to be more open with her sexuality when it comes to having sex with a man. I have always wanted to get it on and have some crazy sex escapades with my wifey but it seems if I was a guy she would want to do more things with me then me now as a female. It does not seem fair in my book but what can I do or say? My penis will seem to have more privilege than  my vagina but that is fine because it is soon coming. I was watching Friends on tv with my wifey and another instance of this heterosexual privilege is my wifey telling me she may have sex with me in the bushes if I had a penis. I mean wow. To me this is very mind boggling. I cannot complain I guess because all this may come my way anyway. My penis in a sense will set me free.

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