Dont Know What to say…

I couldnt have imagined that I would be where I am today 10 years ago. My life has changed so rapidly in time that it is mind boggling to think of. since I was 13 I have lived as a so called “tomboy”, lost my virginity to both a man and a woman, come out the closet as a lesbian, lose my father (Rest In Peace), and come out as Transgendered person. There is far more in between but I guess these are the milestones which were in my heart the ones that affect my life the most. I sometimes wonder where in my life did things really change. It seems life has a plan for me and not the other way around. What I will miss about my life as a youth is the amount of leisure time I had to just chill with my friends and lover.

In terms of my transition I believe I stated that I feel I am at a plateau. I mean I like the way my shoulders and my arms are looking. I have a a bit more muscle definition then I did pre t. I am stronger I know this for a fact but I know it wont really start to show till I start to work out hardcore which is what I plan on doing once I leave for school. I want to have a running back body and I plan on getting that. I have this new found goal of maybe once day entertaining the idea of being in the NFL. We shall see how life works out for me. On to the next…I just took my first T shot in 2 weeks and Im feeling good. I know I am on my way to that goal of being who I really am. Well till next time when I have some more inspiration to write.


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