Long Time…

Well it has been awhile since I have updated this blog and I have been going through it so to speak. I am currently still unemployed but still moving forward with my transition. I am almost 4 months on T. So far my voice has been getting a bit deeper but when it wants. So some days my voice will be deeper then other days. My sex drive has tapered off as I am not as horny as I was the first few months. I have been working out and seeing changes in my arms and legs. Other then that I am getting hairy as hell. Hair is progressively coming in on my chin and on my top lip but its light and can only be seen if you are in my face up close. Clitoris growth has hit a plateau at the moment but I am guessing as I increase my dose I will see it get bigger. I am going to get a sonogram tomorrow to see if everything is good with my insides and if all is well I will be increasing my dose next month. Pray for me…

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