Move on…

I saw my ex girlfriend yesterday. Now it was not very awkward at all to me because I have moved on with my life and her past actions have made me fall out of love with her. In the beginning of my current relationship I even thought to leave R for J to try to win back her love. Now as I look back I couldn’t have imagined how stupid I sounded with that coming out of my mouth. J and I go way back to junior high where we met. We even went to high school together where we fell in love. I am so glad R made me come to my senses. She has went out  of her way time and time again to prove that she deserves that title of Wife and there is no logical reason in my mind to even put myself out there to anyone else but her.Now family and friends who are like family do not count when I say this as I will do what I need to do for them regardless but this girl I have by my side is very special. She said to me today she hopes I take her advice and I will. I have to leave that girl alone and just be cordial to her. Every time I try to put myself out there to try to rebuild our friendship she does something real susmatic that I can’t explain to my gf and I look like a jackass. I REFUSE FOR THAT TO HAPPEN ANYMORE AS I AM DONE WITH YOU FOR ETERNITY. I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE ONE BUT YOU WERE JUST A STEPPING STONE TO SOMETHING BETTER!!! I have to move on in my life and put my energy into matters that matter so to speak. Like my wife, my mom, my new found program and progression. I have to finally realize I can’t take everyone with me in my life. I need to grow up.

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