Time warp

So for the past few days I have been smacked like no other. Me Jin and t smoked about 16 brown cigarettes in the past 3 days. Now that probably sounds like I’m going overboard but oh well do not judge me. So as far as changes go I have been getting acne. It has been worse but I believe this is t related as my face has not broken out like this in years but I have been making sure to scrub my face everyday at least twice, wipe my face with alcohol and put some pimple medication on top of the affected areas. Life seems to be good otherwise. No adverse affects from the t so far that I can be happy about. It’s just the beginning so I pray for longevity and health. I don’t plan on bottom surgery for awhile again as I am not satisfied with what is out right now. I hope that soon that they tweak that mld phallo to my liking then maybe I can rock with that because the scars are under your arm where I seem to have enough fat to spare. I want a nice thick penis. I have been thinking about 6 to 7inches but that may be to big. It’s not really the size that makes the man I want to believe but for me all that surgery won’t be worth it if I am not able to penetrate and have sex with a woman the way I want and that is through vaginal intercourse. I want to also cum inside a woman. That is probably sick to some but I would like to creampie my wifey. Things like that men take for granted. I wish I could do it to a female. It would cost me around 100,000 to get what I want and need for bottom surgery. Minus the ejacualtion from a penis. This technology does not exist at the moment. My dream would be a penis grown from my DNA. That could cost a million dollars in the future but I would pay whatever to get one of my own. Well off to watch the bad girls club. That’s my ish.

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