I have never felt so in tune with myself in my life. I am starting to love myself to the fullest. I am proud to wake up in the morning and just be myself. I couldnt have asked for more accepting people in my life. I was actually talking to my brother J from upstate and he just gave me more confidence then I think he knows with his words. WHY SHOULD I BE OBLIGATED TO TELL ANYONE ANYTHING??!!! It ‘s my business. People will find out as they see changes. Anyway back to transition things…

My wifey gave me my shot on Saturday because as she says she saw me suffering trying to give myself the needle. I swear I thought it would get easier after the first time but I guess apparently it doesnt. I will be skirming everytime I have to give myself the shot I guess. Well changes I have noticed that is that my clitoris has grown bigger but I guess that is also due to it being accustomed to suction action if you get my drift.  I am sweating through every t shirt I wear as well. My body already I believe is shifting fat as my sides are more straight like a male. I do not know if it is due to the T or because of the exercise I have been doing. It may be both but I am thrilled they are finally disappearing.I am growing stronger as I take every shot. I can lift more then I ever could lol. Well if anything else I will come back and update till then…


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