Feeling Like Ish…

I do not know what I came down with but it is making me feel terrible right now. My whole body feels like crap. My head hurts from coughing so much. My asthma is kicking my ass today but I know it is only temporary. I will feel better in a couple of days. I just wish that it was right now smh. I had to call out of work I feel so bad. I love Thursdays. It is my shortest day but my body is not cooperating with me at all.  All day I been feeling like I am breathing through a straw. Aww man Guys please pray for me.  I feel like I am dying right now for real. If I do not make it at least I have this blog to tell my gf how I feel. Baby I love you so much. I really do not know what I would do without you. Thanks for everything. Mom I also love you as well. You have been the best ever when it comes to being there for me through everything. I am out. I am going to lay down and try to sleep if possible.

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