I can be a very nice person. Nice in fact to the point where my own girlfriend can slime me in front of my face. I have been starting to question our relationship because she may not be mature enough or honestly I am not sure whats wrong. It’s like she doesn’t think about me when she is making decisions or doing stuff. It takes for me to get upset or just be slime for her to notice. I have been thinking about a break from her and just doing me for awhile. I want to flirt and talk to other women but I don’t just to please her and I can’t even get the same. I am trying so hard not to go back to my old ways with women. I do not want to taint this relationship anymore then I have but with all the arguing and stuff that has been going on I can’t help but notice things in her that I do not want in a wife. I am noticing things I didn’t peep before.  She is a good girl no doubt but I am definitely second guessing her. The money and stuff she gives me does not compare to the little things. I just told her last night some crazy shit was going on in my head and she pull some shit like she did today hmmph. Time to add another day to my list of days where girls have slimed me hard SMMFH! I am going to be starting to turn over a new leaf I guess this is what I need. I need to slow down and stop with the irrational thinking of marriage and such. I am going to fast. I need to get to know her more then I know her now so I can see if she is marriage material. I have always hoped she would be the one I marry but I already look at her in an iffy kind of way so I am not so sure anymore. Life is to short to dwell that’s why I wrote this posting. I needed to vent to myself in my personal space. If I ever feel she isn’t the one for me for good imma end it because why waste both of our time if I am not going to marry you? I want to be in a relationship with my dream girl right now. Don’t really seem like I am at the moment but we shall see.

Shit is not fair is this relationship at all I notice it a lot and I just been pushing shit to the side but is whatever I guess. All these damn woman are the same. They will slime you in some kind of way it seems shit is real.

-Everything in the darkness always comes to light


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