Cant Stop Thinking!

I did not even start to transition yet but I have been thinking about having a penis nonstop. Whenever my girlfriend and I get down I think of how it would feel like one day to just be able to whip it out and do the do. My girlfriend tells me that anysize would be fine to her as long as its my penis but I NEED to have AT LEAST 5 to 6 inches in order for me to be satisfied.

If I am to ever go into the dating world again I want to have a very passable penis. Now I am not going to be trying to deceive anyone with what I got but I will only disclose if I have to. I would like to be just like any other guy. Being trans could be a complication in a relationship because of the lack of kids but a one night stand for instance, why even bother to tell? As long as I get an MLD phallo I should be fine. But how long do you have to wait till you have sex? I also wonder how long it would also take for the sensation to come back? Hmm if I find out I will let you guys know. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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