I Wanna Be Your Lover

Now I am a very sexually active person. Not saying that I have sex everyday but that my sex drive can be very high…A LOT!

I will sit back and imagine what it would feel like to have her lips on my dick and her head going up and down on my shaft. Before I orgasm I pull out her mouth and lay her down while kissing her. I will then enter her and make love to her whole being. Ive had day dreams of this before more so now the closer and closer I get to starting T. Its apparent of that it maybe the reason for the abundance of these dreams and because my baby is good lover. I’ve always appreciated my boo being a very passionate lover and I cant help how much she drives me crazy.

Now I know it will be soon that I will start T I just dont know where! I am more so looking into the MLK center as it seems to have a more personal setting then anywhere else. Now Callen Lorde is really well put together but Cris( this very great guy at the Mlk center) can help me at a more individual pace is very likely to make miracles happen with giving me the option of top surgery being paid for through insurance most likely if things play out the right way. Im excited!

*If you are looking for transition related material click here.

*If you’re interested in my Entrepreneurial endeavors, take the next step here.

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