I Did Look :-)

So I went out with my girlfriend today and what could’ve been a 5 minute walk turn into a lil mini adventure so to speak. On our mission for some breakfast while thinking about what exactly wifey was going to eat I thought why not go and get her smokes. She agreed and we were on our way. Now walking up this particular bolevard, there is always something to see out of the ordinary. I mean I live in the hood and its to be expected. On this journey we talked of our goals. Im always paranoid when I go out into the street high because my mind is always on overdrive. Sometimes I can’t help that something sus is going to occur when out there in the population. Shit happens everyday and it could be my day at any time.

Now she was offering to buy me some food and i obliged at first but I dont like to ask her for too much. So we ended up getting Popeyes and having a little date. I like when me and her can get out and spend some quality time together. It’s cool walking with her by my side. She a lil dime piece and dont even know it. At least I think so. She can be both beautiful inside and out and I’m so glad she’s is my life. Im going to work today and my weekend. I need too.

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