Long Road….

So I’ve been trying to have a new outlook on life lately which I believe I has been working. Thinking positive and just doing me is what I needed. I went down to Callen Lorde on my own time to file for insurance. After receiving a bill in the mail for labs that I took recently, I saw that this was a bit pricey. I now look at insurance as a blessing to have. Ill be able to get my prescriptions and such so I’m really happy for that. Tomorrow is my last driving lesson and Wednesday is my road test. Im so looking forward to getting my license and then starting T. Life seems to be looking up for me at least for this moment. I can sit back and take a breather. I need to pay homage to my wonderful mom and beautiful wife for how great they are being right now. Both of these angels in my life have been there for me as much as anyone could be and I love them both so much for their sacrifices and time spent with me when things get real rocky. After I have more updates with my appointments, T, etc I’ll post some more stuff.


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