Can life get anymore confusing?

So i’m not going to school the end of this month (yea I know it crazy!) but I am taking my road test that day which is exciting. I will finally be able to ride on the open road into the sunset. I don’t know if driving is that exciting but I mean hey can’t a person have an imagination? Anyway today will be my third lesson and I will get to see if i retained any of the information from the last 2 lessons. I’m pretty sure that I will pass my lesson I just have to have that confidence in me that I know I have.

Now when it comes to my transition tomorrow is April 6th, the long day I have awaited for to go to Callen Lorde. I’m really not all that excited  as I have found another place that I have felt has reached out to me already without me stepping foot inside of it. The organization is called CK Life. If you want more info on where you can receive services email me directly. Im no expert in medicine but I do know good people when I talk to them. I dont like to feel like a number to my doctor. I want a relationship with someone I can trust wont judge me. Ill come back on tomorrow and let everyone know how it went.


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