Keeping It Positive

The other day I was going to blog this long post bout how bad of a day I was having when I said to myself  “What are you doing?!!! I know no one wants to read about someone always having a bad day and whose in this sort of “doom and gloom” mindset.  My new thing everyday is to look at all the things around me and appreciate it for what it is. All this materialistic stuff I should not be upset about having and/or losing. I am blessed to have woken up today. I’m going to be in a positive mindset today and try to keep it that way from now on. My mom and I are getting stuff together by having a back up plan for ourselves so I am very positive we will make it over this hurdle of life and we will get our ish together.

Well to much better news, I PASSED MY ASSESSMENT TEST FOR COLLEGE! I am so happy that I will be able to start school in the next month.  Not to be cocky or anything but I knew I would pass. I have always known I was a pretty smart guy to begin with but I know you start to doubt yourself when so many negative things are around you. I finally stood up and I see a very bright future. In a week exactly I will be making my way down to Callen Lorde. I cant believe how fast time is flying by. It will be summer before I know it and it will be my unveiling. I plan on telling more of my close friends and family about my trans status and I hope they just jump on board. I already have a nice group of people in my life who know and support me already so ill be able to move forward with my process of transition regardless of anything. I LOVE APRIL!!! ITS A MONTH FULL OF SO MUCH POSITIVE ENERGY AND GROWTH!!!

Till Next Time-


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