So I dont know how to feel right now. Apparently my mom has fallen behind in her rent and now we have a little bit of time before we are evicted. Seems like lately I’ve been hearing nothing but bad news. I know things will get better its just a matter of when. I wish I knew some ideas. Well at least I can look forward to my Appointment at Callen Lorde Health Center. Im still stoked about transitioning though.  I am looking forward to changes in my body.  I’m just looking forward to some positive changes in my life that I know will come along with this as well as the negative problems I’ll have to face but I have to be strong. I am a growing boy you know. I feel better just blogging already. Well on a good note my wifey cooked me some good dinner. Thats definitely one thing she is great at and that’s soothing my soul from all the hurt and pain I feel on a daily basis. Well I’m going to spend some time with her tonight because shes so beautiful and so sweet ohh wee!!

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