Crazy Day

So I went to work today and without knowing I think I have been promoted. I have an older set of kids now that they have me tutoring so I am very happy about that. I also came out to my employer today while we were talking and she didnt seem to weirded out. I am happy with the support that I have been receiving from people that I’m telling. Now I only have to tell my friends but I must admit I’m nervous because I dont know how they are going to react. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but I just hope that I don’t lose any friends. If I do I will just have to deal with it. I am certainly making progress with everything around me right now so I can’t complain.  Next month I’ll be going to Callen Lorde Community Health Center. I called and set up an appointment. After I sign a paper to join the program, I’ll get a counselor where I can get help with navigating insurance plans. If unable, there is the option of a sliding scale fee which is based on your income. I hope I can get some insurance because I don’t make money like that to be paying out of pocket. I will find the money if I have to!

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