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I am an Entrepreneur. I have dreamed of having many different sources of residual income so I can make money work for me. There are many different ways that I plan on realizing this dream with good ol’ hard work. I was not born with a silver spoon so I have to hustle. What I’m learning from business owners that I follow is to work smarter, not harder”. My goal is to create a business model where I am at the top of the pyramid and I do absolutely nothing…unless I want too. I want to be a part of my business and it’s workings to keep it a well oiled machine but I want the OPTION to sit my ass down if I want to. It would be nice to be able to take my wife and family on vacations/adventures when I want. Other countries would just be a plane ride away instead of all of the many financial/legal barriers in front of me now just to travel. Bora Bora is my #1 dream spot and I plan on getting there real soon.

I’m sure this is a dream for almost anyone so whenever I can I will add new links and info to help others realize their dreams. I am only going to post legitimate links up here that I use myself that ACTUALLY WORK.

Change your life today!

*This page is a work in progress and will consistently be updated. Look back for more information periodically!

Legit ways to make money at home


I will continue to update and add more links as I find my way. Change your life today! On this website you can get paid to do surveys, watch videos and accept offers from popular retailers. These are the type of things you do everyday for free.
Why not get paid for it?

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